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The beginning



A new adventure begins where the entire team and our group will do everything possible to exceed your expectations every day.

We hope you will join us ✌️🥰 from today July 25, 2023, you can buy Efficient Science through the web: www.efficientsciencegroup.com

In addition, you can also buy the Sweet Tasty brand through the website www.efficientsciencegroup.com

It was time to do a photo session with the Marketing and Networks team, who are as excited as I am: María

Loved it, by the way :)

What did we have to do? We prepare and organize Reels that we schedule so that you who read me can see content on a recurring basis.

In addition, we took photos in the office Setup, we applied Photoshop to give it a differentiating touch and finally, samples with branding ready to send you home ❤️

I confess to you: I personally have a hard time deciding between these two sample flavors: Custard or Cookies-Peanut Butter & Cream from Efficient Science 🤤 if you're as much a fan of Peanut Butter as I am... this flavor is going to blow your mind, seriously.

I normally consume it in my snack and the combination that I make is not to be missed, but how good it is!! 🤣

Ojito: Unsweetened cornflakes, I make the following mixture in a glass: 40 gr of Science Protein from Cookie-Peanut Butter & Cream from Efficient Science , a little whole milk and stir everything very well, until it has a creamy texture but wait... the jewel in the crown is coming now.

I usually add about 20 gr of Sweet Tasty White Chocolate Flavored Peanut Butter and the texture gets even better, if it was already difficult to improve.

If you haven't tried this combination, I HIGHLY recommend it because it will stay marked on you 💘

By the way, thank you very much for the love we have received today with the launch of the website: www.efficientsciencegroup.com

We will return the trust placed in you with deeds and not with words, now yes, I think I am going to rest since tomorrow I get up early to be giving it very early for you.

See you tomorrow team, I love you.

PS: I'll update you tomorrow, God willing 😴😴😴


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