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First day of shipments + Testing 🥰✅

Primer día de envíos + Pruebas 🥰✅ - EFFICIENT GROUP


Good night team ❤️

This is Maria speaking, as always :)

Today is a very special and intense day, without a doubt.

We have coordinated the collections with transport on a daily basis despite the fact that during the first attempt there was some difficulty, but... everything under control!

We also receive tests and proofs of sustainable packaging that can be reused without problems. Honestly, we liked it a lot and our picking-logistics colleagues emphasized the resistance of the box.

At Efficient Group we are committed to and support sustainability , which is why we are evaluating 2-3 options to incorporate packaging to work recurrently.

If you have any recommendation, I'd love to read you guys ❤️ you can leave it via email: info@efficientsciencegroup.com

Efficient Group order picking

I leave you an image as soon as we arrive at the warehouse and in full preparation of your packages ❤️

We met two new transport couriers respectively (very nice) who were in charge of taking all the shipments to the route that connects with your towns so that they arrive correctly at your addresses.

I'm looking forward to seeing your photos and reviews, ahem ahem 😜

Despite all the fatigue of the day, I also did the training that I had to do huh ✌️🤣 here you can't fail, think that the days where you doubt whether or not to comply count double and make a difference.

On the other hand, we are already organizing news and news that I know you will like... I'll tell you shortly!

By the way team, sometimes I have had to resort to it because I had trouble falling asleep and I know first hand that there are many people in the same situation.

Well, today they have activated a pack with a special discount on the web focused on deep rest + sleep hygiene routine + recommendations. If you are one of the people who find it difficult to fall asleep or tend to wake up easily, you may be interested, I leave it here: Sleep Improvement Pack

If you try it, tell me how your feelings are ❤️✌️

I'm going to try it today, I'll be your guinea pig and I'll tell you 🤣

See you tomorrow here and on Instagram-TikTok!



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