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Effective ingredients at effective doses, under scientific evidence.

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Sample Science ISO CFM 50 gr - Efficient Science

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Commitment and values

At Efficient Group we are committed to offering you the best of ourselves in every way.

-We work with selected raw materials and patents, a high standard by and for you.

-We formulate products without unnecessary additives. We apply our motto in each product: Effective ingredients at effective doses, under scientific evidence.

-We carry out analyzes in external private laboratories regularly to offer maximum transparency.

-Committed to sustainability at a general level in daily operations and shipments.

-We support the new generations by contributing from scholarships to achieve the dreams of young people in sport and we contribute our grain of sand to social causes.

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Philosophy and values

Effective ingredients at effective doses . All under scientific evidence .

Since our birth as a brand.

Formulations developed by our R&D team made up of Physicians, Nutritionists and Food Technologists .

New samples version 50 gr of ISO CFM Arla Lacprodan SP-9225 ins from Efficient Science ❤️

Convenient and versatile samples to go!

Try your favorite flavor 😍

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It will become a new basic.

Yes, it's REAL . Cocoa TOP sales.

Adults and children, in love .

It lasts a long time and is incredible, all advantages .

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    This flavoring makes a difference and is present in the daily lives of thousands of people who trust and enjoy the product. You can use it in recipes, coffees, dairy products, pancakes, etc...

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    Are you one of the people who like to try before taking ? 😌 Without a doubt, it is a way to hit yes or yes before buying a larger boat.

    Efficient Science gives you the option of trying comfortable 50 gr samples of its entire line of flavors and we can already tell you that it is surprising.

    In addition, it is an ideal format to take and consume your dose of protein while traveling, on vacation and at different times of day to day.

    Get now the different flavors of Science Protein in a 50 gr sample version, you will enjoy each sip as if it were the last, guaranteed!

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    Efficient Science

    Sample Science ISO CFM 50 gr - Efficient Science


    New samples version 50 gr of ISO CFM Arla Lacprodan SP-9225 ins from Efficient Science ❤️

    Convenient and versatile samples to go!

    Try your favorite flavor 😍


    • Triple Chocolate
    • Chocolate Blanco con Virutas de Choco Blanco
    • Chocolate Blanco-Speculoos
    • Nata-Crunch
    • Chocolate Milkshake
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